Franklin Grove Illinois

Lincoln Way looking North circa 1915

Lincoln Highway looking north circa 1915

Franklin Grove, Illinois located on the Lincoln Highway (Illinois route 38) 90 miles west of Chicago,  is a typical small rural community that began as Chaplin in the 1830's and, after an initial flurry of development, has remained relatively stable until the present time.  It is a friendly little community with an outgoing personality.  During the past two decades, many things have happened in and around the area.  Spured by a deep sense of  community pride many of the local and area citizenry have transformed the village and surrounding area into a wonderful developing tourist attraction.  The main focus of these efforst have been on the heritage of our community.  From the Summer Harvest Festival, to the Franklin Creek Natural area with its beautifully recreated  Grist Mill, to the rennaisance of the H. I. Lincoln Building, many points of interest have been  established. 

Interestingly, all that has been accomplished has been through the mostly uncoordinated efforts of diverse groups of people with different passions sharing the common goals of preserving our heritage and improving our community.  Because of these efforts, Franklin Grove is now well prepared to move forward into the 21st century with wonderful hope and vision for the future and a deep sense of it's heritage with roots firmly planted in the rich midwestern soil.

Look around our web site to get an indication of what there is of interest here and come and spend some time in the area.  Visit our many attractions and meet some of the locals.  You will find ours a friendly community that you will want to return to time and again.  For information concerning the community call 815-456-2131.

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